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Leadership demands listening, and I have heard the concerns of constituents and always put their priorities first.  That’s why I:


DEMAND direct property-tax relief for taxpayers from equalized school funding


PROTECT our communities and kids by authoring landmark laws keeping predators from our kids’ schools and supporting shelters for women in crisis


SHOW compassion for our most vulnerable and respect for life, seniors, and service veterans


SUPPORT equal pay and stand up for women who suffer discrimination and retaliation


CHAMPION tax cuts for everyone and stand against huge government handouts to special interests & big corporations


LEAD by example by declining public-funded health perks, saving taxpayers more than $300,000 and counting


DEFEND our core Constitutional liberties & conscience rights


KNOW the importance of in-person education and quality, affordable healthcare


PUSH to open our lives, livelihoods, and State to freedom and prosperity by reining-in excessive government authority

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